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Making Your Own Bonsai Soil

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If you intend to grow bonsai trees one of the most important items that needs to be considered is which is best bonsai soil to use. This type of soil is easy to buy at your local nursery were you purchased the trees at. It may however, turn out to be expensive especially if you have a few trees that will need replanting in time for spring. That is the main reason why many people who grow these amazing miniature trees make their own special soils.

When you are first starting out, in order to understand what is necessary to make the best soil for bonsai trees will take some research and it may therefore be a better idea to buy the ready-made mixes. But if you really intend to learn than you must research the ingredients for the soil. It is important to remember that the little pot of soil that you tree is sitting in must be able to offer all of the tree’s needs. Make sure that it includes good drainage and supply of the material necessary to grow. Which means that the quality of the soil you use for the bonsai must be the best possible to enable the healthy growth of your plants.

When mixing the soil by yourself there is two main points that you need for the mixture. The first point being the ability for the soil to retain the water and to allow for it to keep the nutrients necessary to feed the bonsai, this may be done by using Humus, which are dead natural materials. The next point is the requirement for the soil to drain well. This is accomplished by mixing in the soil several small stones, which makes certain that the soil is not too tight. It provides more room for the roots and also ensures that too much water does not remain. The point to remember here is that if the bonsai soil remains too wet the roots may rot.

A Further point to note is that when deciding to mix your own soil for your bonsai tress is that not all bonsai’s are necessarily the same. This means that the different plants will require different soil needs. The trees that flower will require soil that holds onto the water whilst the one that are tiny evergreens will need soil to retain less water. Before you decide that you can mix your own bonsai soil make certain that you know your plants and what they need.