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Choosing Lawn Mower

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How do you actually go about choosing which lawn mower to purchase that will meet your needs? The most important factor needs to be how much grass you have that will require cutting, and from that, how much work you intend to do. For the first part, it is important to measure the total square yardage of your lawn, don’t simply estimate, and for the second part, you probably already know this answer. If you grass cutting chores will come down to include exercise for the day that gives you one group of choices, but if your preference is really to be the easiest job possible, that gives you another set of choices.

If the neighbourhood that you live in has lawns that aren’t bigger than the proverbial postage stamp you ideal choice would be a reel mower. These are available in a selection of sizes and usually come as small push mowers. These are able to work by the blades of the reel mower turning and cutting the grass. If however you don’t intend on cutting the grass often, this method can become problematic, as the blades are likely to get caught up on the longer grass. This can slow you down greatly. Provided that the lawn is cut at regular intervals this lawn mower type will work just fine.

For the average sized lawn, an electric lawn mower should do the job. Not only will these mowers cut well, and equipped with either a long cord or a rechargeable lawn mower battery. As this type of mower don’t give of any pollution, they are good for the environment – unlike many of the gas mowers, which create a plume of exhaust.

If you are lucky enough to have a couple of acres of land on your property, then it would most likely be necessary to invest in a riding lawn mower. These are essential to cut the larger area without that much physical effort. All you need to do is the steering, it will do the rest. This is also an excellent option for anyone living in a place with a hot climate, as cutting your lawn with a labour intensive mower has the potential to leave you with heat exhaustion.

There’s an even simpler method for cutting the lawn that you may not have previously heard of: use a robot lawn mower. Although these will require more gas to operate then the average mower, they have the great benefit of allowing you to relax while the machine does all the work of cutting the grass. Previous tests claim that it is capable of cutting the grass of a tennis court size area in approximately two hours, which is considered much faster than a push mower.

If you have your own hobby farm, something bigger will be necessary. What if you expect to grow hay over an acre for the animals that you keep, then a sickly mower is the ideal choice, even though these mowers tends to be portrayed as outdated or only available as antiques. These machines are still today used to cut hay. They are available in a variety of different sizes so there will certainly be no trouble in locating one right for you. A further need on a small farm can be the requirement to keep the growth of brush under control. This is taken care off by the use of a brush mower. You’ll be immediately impressed with the way that it tears through the overgrown brush that is in the way.

In order to get a guide to the effectiveness of a lawn mower, you can get hold of the consumer reports that will show a rating for any particular machine. Always, remember, to keep something aside for any future mower repair or maintenance. That’s the cost for doing the mowing by your self. If you don’t take this matter into account, you may find yourself in trouble within weeks – with an out of control lawn. If you can’t really afford to hold money back for mower repairs, you could consider hiring a landscaping business to carry out the work. Have a quick look around, and you should find one that is relatively inexpensive.