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Dangers Of Garden Weeds

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The majority of gardeners will agree that the growth of garden weeds can be a genuine cause of concern, and rightfully so. Weeds have the ability of destroying the optimal conditions of the garden, condition that are critical for the healthy growth of plants – well, at least the plants that the gardeners do actually chose to grow. There are considerable dangers that are presented by the presence of weeds around the garden, even more so when they are allowed to grow at a rapid pace over a large area.

Containing the annoying growth of weeds in the garden is a task that most gardeners should be willing to undertake. Weeds can be the garden plants worst enemies, and it left unmonitored, they can easily, and rapidly, decimate any gardener’s growing crops.

Here are some reasons why the weeds are considered dangerous:

1. Weeds are known to be aggressive feeders. They will actively compete, assertively at that, for any drop of beneficial substance that is added to and produced by the soil. The weeds will steal any nutrients that are necessary for the healthy growth of the plants. If the weeds are at a far greater number, your plants are likely to be helpless. It’s hardly what you could consider a fair fight.

2. Weeds are able to encourage the breeding of other pests that can be perilous for the garden. These pests are capable of infesting the garden just as quickly as the growth of the said weeds. The plants will over time become less appealing as the pests attack them. They are able to eat, and even worse, breed, on many of the fruits and flowers on your plants. Some plants will attach themselves to the roots of your crops, which will ultimately affect their lifespan. The soil can be made uninhabitable by some pests, which can lead on to the plants eventual demise.

3. Pests are certainly not the only animals with will be able to breed in areas that are grossly populated with weeds. Animals that tend to be perilous for humans can find these overgrown areas as attractive homes. Snakes, scorpions and the likes love to live in areas with tall and thick weeds.

4. Weeds will greatly diminish the overall beauty of your garden. They are likely to sprout so tall that they’d take away the focus best reserved for your plant live. If left unattended the weeds will over your garden, and leave your plants as just a simple afterthought.

There are simply no ifs or buts about it. Take the necessary preventive measures beforehand will go a long way, as well. As the often say, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Remember, garden weeds must always be contained at the earliest signs of possible invasion.